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Throughout their real estate career, Gary and Ashley Brown (husband-and-wife for 20+ years), have been called true professionals in their field by not only their clients but their fellow Brokers and REALTORS. Their foundation consists of knowledge, passion, trust, and integrity. The Browns are highly respected and consistently exceed expectations by going above and beyond, working drama and ego-free making it a win-win for all parties involved.
Gary and Ashley have been immersed in selling real estate for 30 and 23 years respectively. After decades of working for the "big-box" corporate real estate brands, the Browns left (as large companies are not what they used to be) and founded the bespoke Medallion Real Estate Group.
With their vast 50+ years of combined experience, Gary and Ashley help navigate clients through the complex, document-intensive process, paying close attention to the smallest details. All the while providing sound advice, strong negotiating skills, extensive knowledge of documentation and disclosures, and so much more.  Click this link here "Client Reviews" to read just some of their clients' experiences.
Gary and Ashley work in tandem on every purchase or sale. They welcome and have successfully negotiated, all types of transactions — from grand estates to condominiums. They aim to make their clients’ lifestyles come to fruition. They recognize real estate is more than just managing the transaction. It’s about listening to, and accurately interpreting, their client’s needs; guiding clients through a significant life event with many moving parts. The Browns pride themselves on consistent communication, ensuring a client is never left wondering what’s going on. They practice what used to be called “common sense” (AKA: doing it right the first time, without someone having to ask). And while real estate is a serious business, the Browns have the innate ability to add humor at appropriate times, always keeping the entire process fun and upbeat.
Throughout their career, Gary and Ashley have invested well into the six figures in extensive real estate sales training, education, and one-on-one coaching. Additionally, they attend numerous attorney-led risk management seminars yearly. All this ensures the Browns stay razor-sharp and one step ahead.
Whether it’s writing offers, completing disclosure packages, or preparing contracts, Ashley makes sure the necessary paperwork is put together correctly, professionally, and promptly. Once a home is under contract, she stays in constant communication with the numerous parties required to successfully close the transaction. 
Gary is responsive, patient, creative, and assertive when the circumstances dictate. His expertise in negotiating and sales makes him an exceptional resource for clients, and his keen attention to detail allows him to position them for success in any market condition. 
Gary and Ashley have countless professional connections — and off-market opportunities — in the North Bay and beyond. And, whether moving across town, or the country, Gary and Ashley will ensure a client is in good hands. If they’re unable to serve the client themselves, they will connect them with the most seasoned agent in the desired area, recommended to fit the client’s specific needs.

Call the Browns . . . and start packing.

One of Gary and Ashley’s greatest passions is that of Formula One Racing (aka: F1).  Formula One is best known for the Grand Prix in the streets of Monaco (teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull and McLaren).  F1 offers 23+ global races a calendar year; and watched by over half a billion people (yes, 500,000,000+) on any given Sunday race.  Gary and Ashley have never missed a TV airing of a qualification or race in over 20 years . . . yes, they’re truly fanatical fans of the sport !!!  They've attended a number of races such as . . . Spa, Belgium . . . Monza, Italy . . . Monaco . . . Montreal, Canada . . . Austin, Texas . . . and Mexico City.  View the link below for just some of their travel adventures.
Fun fact, Gary and Ashley were in the top 100 out of millions of reviewers for OpenTable in the entire U.S. (when OpenTable kept track of posts) – yes, in order to keep that rank, they “absolutely had to” (wink) eat out 6-7 nights a week for years.  The Browns don’t just enjoy fine dining – but have very open palates (especially both being raised in European families) . . . everything from food trucks . . .  to Michelin Star rated restaurants (near and far). View the link below for just some of their favorite restaurants (from the Bay Area and Worldwide).
Ashley has been passionate and an advocate of animals her entire life.  She is an accomplished equestrian, having sat on her first horse at a very young age.  Ashley was honored to have been trained in the “Horse Arts” of 3-Day Eventing and Dressage by Olympians.  She grew up with the Arabian horse breed, eventually having the distinct pleasure to own numerous other mounts (from Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, and most recently a spectacular Friesian). Ashley obtained her California Real Estate Sales License in 2000; and proudly achieved the feat of obtaining her California Real Estate Broker’s License in 2017. 
Prior to Gary’s real estate career, he was professionally trained for many years as a drummer (receiving his first drum set at the young age of 5), having played in numerous rock bands in the 80's.  Just one of his many instructors was Tom Donlinger who was Van Morrison’s drummer. Although having played in a number of clubs throughout the years, Gary set a goal of being “signed” by a major record label by 25; although at the age of 24, he “put down the sticks.”  Gary obtained his California Real Estate Sales License in late 1993, and in 1994 was honored with "Rookie of the Year" for his dedication and hard work at a large Bay Area firm formally known as Frank Howard Allen Realtors.

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